Honda Quad Bikes, Trikes and ATVs

Honda quad bikes, trikes and ATVs for outdoor adventures

Quad bikes, trikes and go-karts can be seriously fun. But they can also be useful for zipping around large boggy parts of land where cars might get stuck, or on farms when you need to get around to different parts of the area quickly. 

Although many of these vehicles are not designed for road use, some can be converted to the correct standard and then taxed and insured. Very cheap to run and with minimal maintenance too, theyre constantly growing in popularity. 

Honda quad bikes

If youre on the hunt for a compact all-terrain vehicle or quad, then Hondas 2WD ATV Fourtrax 250 could be just what you need. Combining economy with style and agility, it boasts the solid quality and reliability you would expect from the Honda brand. 

Ideal for zipping around farmyards or fields, the nippy Fourtrax 250 is great on both flat or undulating land. Thanks to its wide gear ratios and an Electronic Shift Program, its a pleasure to drive and easy to control. It also comes with an automatic clutch for seamless gear shifts and fantastic towing ability. 

Honda trikes

Honda trikes certainly do come in a phenomenal range of shapes and sizes. Ideal for motorcycle enthusiasts, many trikes have been custom made with all sorts of added extras designed to really turn heads. 

Most are fitted with chrome wheel hubs and have engines up to around 1.8 litres so can easily hit speeds of 70 miles an hour. Ideal for people who prefer something much chunkier than a traditional two-wheeler, you can even buy matching trailers for them too. 

Honda go-karts

Honda go-karts can be found in an array of designs for children of 5 years right up to adults. Smaller than quads or trikes, go-karts are specifically for off-road use. Petrol driven with anti-skid brakes, they guarantee hours of fun for the whole family. 

Get shopping on eBay today for your next Honda bike, trike or go-kart and youll be whizzing about in no time.