Dummy Boxe Home Alarm Systems

Dummy Box Burglar Alarms

Protect your home from intruders by installing effective and affordable dummy box burglar alarms.

Keeping your home safe and secure need not break the bank with this selection of effective dummy box burglar alarms which will deter unwanted visitors from breaking-in. Decoy alarm bell boxes, with the option of added flashing lights, can fool a would-be burglar into thinking your house is protected with the real thing.

A white dummy box made with strong ABS plastic looks identical to a bell box alarm and has an effective dual alternate green LED lights which can be seen through a blue lens. This battery powered box will last for four to five years and comes with wall fixing screws and rawl plugs.

The Friedland LED GlobalGuard Siren dummy is a handy visual deterrent which looks identical to the GlobalGuard solar siren. The flashing LED light provides added authenticity to frighten a burglar away, and, as a standalone box, it does not require fixing.

Scare away an intruder with a Delta Bell Complete Dummy bell box that looks like a live unit, but without the working parts. This comes with a robust hinged white cover and dummy blue base, and there is an option to add a flashing LED light so that it looks like a working alarm.

Prevent a break-in with a replica of a SASS E Siren from Response Electronics which promises to increase the security of your home. This dummy box is easy to mount onto a wall, has a realistic solar panel and comes with a siren sticker, fixing pack and instruction manual.

The GL Smart Alarm dummy siren is a replica of the GL Red Edition Monitored Smart Alarm Siren and includes scanning LED lights to ward off intruders. It also comes with two official GL Smart Alarm stickers, two AA batteries and a fixing kit to mount it to your wall.