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Binatone Mobile phones and Smartphones

From the simplest to the most high tech, Binatone has a wide range of mobile phones and smartphones. Binatone provide consumer electronic products worldwide and they are considered world leaders in the field. The products are offered under the brand Binatone, iDECT, Voxtel and licensed by Motorola and AEG. Fantastic deals can be obtained for products sold by Binatone.

Binatone Mobile Phones

A variety of mobile phones are offered by Binatone. Among the most are the big button mobile phones, Binatone SM800 touch screen big button, BNIB Binatone the brick, Binatone M405 big button and many other models.

BNIB Binatone the brick

The brick is uniquely large in size and it stands out because of this feature. Usually available in either white or black , it is considered a vintage 2-1 Bluetooth and phone handset. It has the appearance of a phone that would have looked modern in the 1980s and it therefore possesses a retro/vintage appeal. Generally, it is a simple, comfy and bulky phone that has been made famous by Gordon Gekko in 1987.

The big button mobile phone

A wide variety of colours, styles and designs of the Binatone big button phones can be found. These are simple phones used most commonly for the basic tasks you would expect from a phone. Some feature found may include a watch indicating the time, a calendar, a notepad and some basic games. Although these mobile phones are very basic this means they are easy to use. These phones are a good choice for those that struggle with advanced technology and modern day smartphones.

Binatone SM800 touch screen

A phone that bridges the link between the simple mobile phones and the more nowadays sophisticated smartphones, the SM800. This phone still features only several functions but does not have any keynotes, instead, a 3.5 inch LCD touchscreen. The phone is very simple and intuitively designed. It includes hearing aid compatibility, a loudspeaker and hands-free usage possibility. Apart from Bluetooth, there is no browsing experience.

Binatone has a wide range of mobile phones. As an electronic product service provider, Binatone also has a wide range of smartphones that qualifies as the latest generation of smartphones. Among these can be found the Binatone Smart 64 mobile phone, and others.

Binatone Smart 64 Mobile Phone

Incorporated is an android operating system and includes pre-installed the 4.0 inch TFT LCD screen. Among the different features include support of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and incorporated is a front VGA camera that also allows video calls. The Binatone Smart 64 has a display of 800 x 480. A lithium battery of 1500 mah provides about 600 minute talk time.


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