Mobile Phone Headsets

Mobile Phone And PDA Headsets

Mobile phone and PDA headsets are offered by many different manufacturers and come in many different styles. One of the first things to consider when you are thinking of purchasing mobile phone and PDA headsets is whether you want a wired or wireless (hands free) headset . The second major consideration is whether you want in ear buds or whether you prefer the over ear type of headphones.

Types of headsets available

The Jabra Storm Bluetooth headset is wireless and delivers an impressive ten hours of talk time which is more than enough when you are out on the go. It features Wind Noise Blackout which shields your conversations when you are outdoors or in windy conditions and has Noise Blackout which removes ambient noise and distraction. This is an in ear headset and has a very useful feature if you should happen to lose it. The "Find My Jabra" in the Jabra Assist app will show you geographically where you were the last time you had the headset turned on.

Another of the mobile phone and PDA headsets is an innovative design in that it incorporates Bluetooth headphones into a pair of glasses. Not only are your hands free with this headset, your ears are free too. This means that you can hear the sound of traffic around you which makes for extra safety if driving or near busy streets on foot. The headphones can be adjusted for a comfortable position. The lenses are plano lenses, but you can have your optician fit the glasses with your own prescription lenses.

Mobile phone and PDA headsets also include Samsung earpods for the S2, S3, S4, S5, and Note . These are wired, but have tangle free cables, are ultra lightweight, and have on cable microphone and remote for hands free calling. These earphones have excellent sound quality that is crystal clear with a heavy bass line, and an added function to remove background and/or wind noise. They are available at a budget price.

Top Products in Mobile Phone Headsets

  • Yamay Bluetooth Headset Over The Head Wireless Headphones Handfree With Flexible
  • Nenrent S580 Bluetooth Headset Longest Call Time up to 12 15 Hour Wireless Blue
  • Original Samsung in Ear Stereo Headset EO Eo eg920bw Headphones White Galaxy S6
  • Genuine Jabra BT2046 Wireless Multi paring Smart Bluetooth Headset Handsfree
  • Plantronics Voyager 5200 Bluetooth Handsfree Headset for iPhone 7 Samsung S8
  • Jabra BT2045 Wireless Bluetooth Universal Headset Handsfree iPhone Samsung
  • PowerLocus Bluetooth Top Over Ear Stereo Foldable Headphones Rose Gold
  • Plantronics Explorer 55 Wireless Hands Universal Bluetooth Headset Siri
  • Mpow Bluetooth Earbud Wireless Driving Hands Calling Phone Earpiece
  • Genuine Apple EarPods Headphones With Mic for iPhone 6s 6 5s 5
  • Plantronics B235 Voyager Legend UC Bluetooth Headset 48837
  • Linkwitz Marathon2 Sports Bluetooth Headphones Black
  • Samsung EO EG920BW Wired In Ear Headphones White
  • Apple MD827 White In Ear Only Headsets for Apple
  • Plantronics Explorer 50 Black Ear hook Headsets