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Computer Monitors

In order to use a desktop computer properly, youll need a good computer monitor. People with laptops may wish to plug them into a separate monitor screen, allowing them to have two separate screens to work on while theyre in their office or at home studying, but still retain the flexibility of having a portable computer they can take with them when travelling.

Types of computer monitors

Nowadays, its quite rare to come across a computer monitor that doesnt feature a widescreen style screen. These widescreen monitors have become the norm over recent years, allowing you to have more programs or files open at once on the screen. Or simply giving you a better screen experience when watching TV shows or films.

The main differences between the types of computer monitor you can buy will be in their screen size or functionality, such as incorporating speakers within the monitor itself.

Screen size is measured diagonally from bottom to top. So when a computer monitor has, for instance, a 19 inch screen , it means the diagonal measurement from bottom left to top right (or bottom right to top left) is 19 inches.

Modern day computer monitors come in a range of different screen sizes, from 19 inches right up to 27 inches and bigger. The bigger screen sizes will only really be suitable for you if you have a large amount of desk space to store the monitor on, as they can take up quite a lot of room. However, 29 inch monitors do have the great advantage of providing very clear images and documents, with the bigger screen leading to a clearer picture.

Some monitors will come with speakers that are built into the body of the monitor. This allows you to save space on your desk, as you dont need to have separate computer speakers to plug into your computer, saving you wire space also. It can also save you money as you dont have to purchase separate speakers as well as the monitor.

Top Products in Computer Monitors

  • Samsung S27F350FHU 27 inch LED Full HD 1080p HDMI VGA Monitor Full HD 1080p HDMI VGA
  • LG 32ud99 31.5" 4k Ultra HD IPS Silver White Flat Computer Monitor LED Display
  • Acer Ed242qr 23.6" Full HD 1080p Curved PC Monitor Screen White FreeSync 4ms
  • AOC AG241QG Agon Series Gaming Monitor 1 MS Response Time HDMI Display Port
  • AOC 27 Inch 1 MS Response Time LED Monitor Display Port HDMI DVI VGA VESA
  • ViewSonic Vx2476 smhd 24 Inch LED IPS Monitor Full HD 4ms Speakers HDMI
  • ASUS MG28UQ 28" 4k FreeSync Gaming Monitor 3840x2160 Full HD LED
  • Acer V6 Series V226hqlbid 21.5 Inch Full HD LED Monitor Black
  • Samsung CHG70 27 inch Curved QLED HDR 144 Hz Gaming Monitor
  • ASUS MB169B 15.6" Portable USB Monitor FHD 1920x1080 IPS
  • LG 34wk650 w 34 Inch UltraWide FHD IPS Display Monitor
  • AOC Q3279VWFD8 31.5" Widescreen IPS LED Black Monitor
  • LG 29wk600 29 Inch UltraWide FHD IPS Display Monitor
  • Samsung C27h711 27 Inch Curved LED Monitor White
  • Samsung LU32H850UMUXEN 32 inch UHD 4k Monitor
  • AOC U2879VF 28 Inches 4k LED Monitor Black
  • BenQ GW2270H 21.5 Inch Flicker LED Monitor
  • BenQ GW2270 21.5 inch LCD Monitor Black
  • Dell UltraSharp 210 AEVC U2415 Monitor
  • BenQ Ex3203r Monitor 32 Inch 2k

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