Mobile Phone Screen Protectors

Mobile Phone and PDA Screen Protectors

Todays smartphones are powerful pieces of kit and hold great value to us. Many of us have our lives on our phones and use them throughout the day. You need to make sure something so important is well protected. Mobile phone and PDA screen protectors are a great way to do this.

Make sure it fits

The most important aspect of choosing any mobile phone or PDA screen protector is to make sure that it fits your phone correctly. If not you risk making your phone vulnerable to damage.

Mobile phone screen protectors are particularly common for iPhones. There are different sizes available, so it doesnt matter if you have an iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 or an iPhone 6s, you will be sure to find adequate protection for your phone.

You can also find screen protectors for other brands such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge . Phone protectors have specific cut outs in them to maintain use of the earpiece and home buttons on various phones, which is another reason to ensure you get the right size. If you cover over any of these elements with the protector you will reduce the functionality of the phone.

Choosing the right screen protector

When placed correctly, mobile phone and PDA screen protectors dont interfere with the technical features of your phone. They do offer some specific benefits though, depending entirely on the type of mobile phone or PDA screen protector that you choose.

Todays smartphones have very large screens, which means a lot of potential for damage. For ultimate peace of mind, a tempered glass screen protector is a reliable choice. Tempered glass is very hard so it can withstand shocks caused by dropping or striking the phone. They can also withstand scratches from hard and sharp objects such as blades or keys.

If you are worried about the effects that looking at a mobile device may have on your eyes, then you might like to consider a screen protector with an anti glare matte finish. It may make it easier to read or watch things on your mobile device in bright light as some of the reflections will be neutralised. You may even find that an anti glare screen protector for your mobile or smartphone helps to reduce eye strain.

If your device is likely to come into contact with a lot of debris you might want to protect it with an anti scratch screen protector .

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