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Burglar Alarms

Keep your home secure with burglar alarms. With a variety of options available from different brands, you'll find the perfect alarm to suit your home.

For low risk homes where you just want a little extra security, choose an alarm that just has bells. Your simple and basic alarm, this will be triggered when the sensor is interrupted and will sound an alarm. They will generally ring for around 20 minutes only but the lights will continue to flash until the system is manually switched off.

For higher security, choose a monitored alarm, which will be linked to a security company. This will give extra peace of mind as the centre will be monitoring your alarm. Should it go off, they will phone you for a password or security code to ensure that your home is safe.

Wireless alarms are battery powered and therefore are cheap and easy to install yourself, whereas wired alarms usually need to be fitted by a professional.


There are a few different types of sensor that trigger burglar alarms so you can choose the best sensor type suited for you.

Window and door sensors easily attach to each side of the window or door so that if they are opened when the burglar alarm is set, they'll trigger the system. You can now get wireless sensors, making them even easier to fit and set up in your home.

Another option is to choose a motion sensor, which will be set off when sensing any movement in a room. If you have any pets, make sure you choose one that is pet friendly and won't go off when your pet is wandering around.

Remote Control Alarm

If you're looking for something a little different, try a remote control alarm. Take the remote control in with you when you want to turn the alarm off. It's ideal for sheds and garages that don't have traditional windows and doors to put sensors on.

They are often designed like smoke detectors and are small round devices that fit to ceilings or walls for easy use.

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