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Audio Books

Audi books are an excellent leisure activity, allowing you to enjoy a good story or learn information without having to read. Audio books can be a great listen before you go to sleep as well as a relaxing activity to do in your free time, on holiday or while travelling. Offering a narrator that is ideal for the book, whether it is fiction or non-fiction, learning or entertainment, you can find the right audio book to suit your needs.

Depending on your device, you can purchase audio books in a range of formats.

Audio CD

An audio CD is ideal for playing in a CD player or stereo system at home or in a CD Walkman which is more portable. CDs can also usually be used in laptops, DVD players and computers where there is a CD reader present. Audio CDs are highly versatile, with many devices offering CD playing capabilities such as a vehicle. A benefit of audio book CDs is that each chapter is usually a track on an audio CD, so you can pick up where you left of with ease.


If you like to have audio books on a portable device such as your phone or MP3 player, then an MP3 CD is ideal for allowing you to listen to it in a range of formats. MP3 audio books can be used on a regular CD player or stored on your computer as an MP3 file so that you can transfer it to an MP3-ready device. MP3 CD's will also break up the book into tracks, so it is easy to find your place if you take a break or stop at somewhere convenient within the audio.


For older devices, you may need an audio book cassette that can work in a tape player. These will play straight through so you have to find your chosen chapter by fast-forwarding or rewinding.