Walkie Talkies & PMR446 Radios

Choosing the Right Two Way Radio for Your Needs

Whether for work or fun, using a two-way walkie-talkie radio can be an affordable and convenient way to stay in touch with your colleagues and friends. Without the need for a designated mobile phone number, walkie-talkies have low running costs and are suitable for both children and adults. eBay stocks a wide variety of two-way radios, including amateur and professional equipment.

What is the range and battery life of two-way radios?

There are many brands and models available on eBay, and each model may have slightly different specifications. Many walkie-talkies provide a range of 1 to 2 kilometres in urban areas and 3 to 5 kilometres in open areas. Some models are powered by rechargeable batteries and others may use alkaline batteries. They can usually provide up to 12 hours of standby time before needing to be recharged or replaced. Please see the manufacturer site for details.

What technical features are prevalent on two-way radios?

A typical two-way radio set includes volume controls on the handsets and antennas to allow for the reception and transmission of messages. To avoid clashing with other groups of radio users, many radios can offer up to 20 different communication channels. Other features you can find on two-way radios include call buttons, SOS buttons, speakers, microphones, and display screens that will indicate your current channel and battery status. Some models may include headphones as well. Please see the manufacturer site for details.

Are differing radio models compatible with each other?

As long as they are of the same category and brand, different models of walkie-talkies will typically be able to work with each other. Compatibility between different brands of radios can vary depending on functionality, but most two-way radios can still communicate with each other if they're tuned to the same frequency. It may be necessary to expand your network with radios of the same make and model in order to use all of the features on your device. Please see the manufacturer site for details.

What usually comes in the box?

Although single-unit add-ons are available from many manufacturers, new two-way radios are usually sold in pairs. A typical package includes:

  • Charging units for the walkie-talkies or rechargeable batteries.
  • Plug-in earpieces with microphone and volume controls.
  • Protective pouches or a carrying case for the radios.