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Experience the Joy of Reading with an eReader

eReader tablets are designed primarily for reading. With the huge selection of digital periodicals and countless e book titles to choose from, youll never find yourself short on quality reading material with an eReader. Although you can use regular tablets and smartphones for reading, youll find that readability and battery life is much better with a digital eReader. This is because other types of mobile devices are designed to perform a multitude of functions, and, as a result, they use more battery power and require a surplus of additional internal components which eReaders dont need. You can find a wide variety of eReaders for sale on eBay, including new and used portable e book reading devices.

There are many advantages that e book readers have over printed books and other types of electronic devices. Other than portability and battery life, here are some of the other great benefits of eReaders:

  • Reading options: With an eReader, you can literally carry around thousands of books with you in a single compact device.
  • One handed usage: eReaders are designed to be easily held and used with one hand, so you can read your favourite book while holding onto the handrail of a train or bus during your daily commute to the office.
  • Outdoor reading: You wont need to look for a shaded area to use your eReader. eReaders have electronic paper or e ink screens rather than LCD displays like smartphones and tablets. LCD screens reflect much more light then e ink screens because they consist of multiple reflective layers of glass.

E ink screens feature tiny liquid suspended capsules inside a thin layer of film. The capsules contain black and white particles which surface at different parts on the screen and result in text images that emulate printed text on paper. This is why it is sometimes referred to as electronic paper. E ink technology requires less power than backlit LCD screens, but more importantly, e ink screens can offer readability that can rival that of actual paper, even in bright light.

Features can vary depending on the make and model. Some useful features that you can often find on eReader devices include a search tool, internal storage, built in dictionaries, language support, and translation software. Many eReaders even have grammar tools so that you can read and learn.

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