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Doro offers a wide range of mobile phones, smartphones, and home phones that are known for being easy to use. Doro phones are made with large buttons, simple instructions, and clear layouts. A Doro phone might be suitable for people with dexterity issues, hearing difficulties, or sight problems. Here's a short guide to buying a Doro phone on eBay.

What types of phones do Doro make?

Doro makes easy mobile phones, including the Doro 65xx series, which are clamshell phones with large screens. Doro also makes smartphones that run on Android software.

What features make a Doro phone different from other mobile phones?

Doro phones are designed to be uncomplicated for users. Here are some of their features:

  • A Doro phone has larger than average keys on the handset and a simple screen layout, making it suitable for people who might find mobile phones tricky to use.
  • Doro phones come with a special SOS button that can be programmed to call a selected number in an emergency.
  • Doro makes phones that typically have a long battery life. Some models have batteries that can last for up to 16.5 hours on a full charge.
  • Mobile phones from Doro are very simple to use, making them ideal for those who only need a phone with basic calling and messaging.
  • Doro also produces simple smartphones, which offer a range of features and built-in instructional videos to guide users.
  • Doro phones are designed with older people in mind, and they offer an ideal introduction to those that are just discovering smartphone technology for the first time.
Should you buy a Doro phone or a regular smartphone?

Your choice depends on how easy you find smartphones to use. There are many value smartphones with more features but lower specifications. A Doro phone is easy to use and designed to be straightforward, even for those that are new to smartphones. When you turn on a Doro phone for the first time, it will guide you through a range of tasks and help you set up the phone. It also offers options to change the text size and increase volume limits, taking into account any sight and hearing issues users may have.

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