Metal Garden Sheds & Summerhouses

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Metal garden sheds for the modern home

There's a shedload of reasons why metal sheds are so popular these days. The main thing is that metal sheds are often far less expensive than wooden or plastic ones. Additionally, these garden sheds are far simpler to paint, clean and maintain. Their robust design is also longlasting, saving you money in the long run. 

Standard metal garden sheds

Despite appearances, steel sheds are actually very light and easy to move. Additionally, you often don't even need foundations either. And, of course, metal garden sheds are incredibly hardwearing too and are resistant to fire which makes them very popular on farms and business premises. 

Standard metal garden sheds are generally made of electro-galvanized steel and come with deep-track doors on large glides for smooth sliding operation. They also have vents above the doors to help keep air flowing. Perfect for growing seeds which need a warmer temperature to germinate, plus for keeping all your gardening essentials safe and secure. 

Flat roof metal garden sheds

Flat roof metal sheds are usually smaller in design and are perfect for storing items such as bicycles and barbecues. Yardmaster metal sheds are made with hot dipped galvanised steel and come with lockable sliding doors for complete security. They are also extremely durable, weather resistant and fire resistant too. 

These flat roof garden sheds are usually self-assembly with each component individually numbered and pre-drilled to make putting it together quick and easy. 

Woodgrain effect metal garden sheds

Just as strong and sturdy as standard metal sheds, woodgrain sheds have the added bonus of a lovely rustic look which many people find appealing. This is largely thanks to the attractive wood grain shiplap-look wall panels. 

You can easily add a timber floor, meaning they're ideal for anyone who enjoys spending time in hanging out in the garden.