Industrial Plasma Cutters

Plasma cutters for professional use

Plasma cutters offer a handy cutting solution for a range of industrial and trade projects. The smooth and accurate cutting motion is essential for construction work and makes tasks easy and quick to complete. 

If you're looking to upgrade or replace your metalworking equipment, there is a selection of plasma cutters in top brands including Stahlwerk, HiWay, Blackline and Sealey plus many others in new, used and refurbished condition. 

Powerful and fluid cutting

If you have heavy-duty projects to complete and need to cut through tough materials including aluminium, steel, copper and brass plus many other conductive materials, a plasma cutter is an ideal tool for the job. Many models can cut materials of varying thickness plus only need a light stroke to tackle the job. 

Safe and sturdy equipment

Plasma cutters can be simple to use once you've set up the equipment and understand the functions. Many models available are designed to be shock-proof and tough to handle a range of working environments, plus they are also ergonomic so you can use the cutter for extended periods of time without discomfort. 

Most welding equipment also has overheating controls plus a fan to optimise cooling while in use. Plasma cutters come in a variety of sizes too including portable units and standalone equipment for large industrial spaces. If you're looking for complete plasma cutting kits, there is a selection of options that offer the unit plus consumables to get you started. 

Plasma cutting components and accessories

If you're looking for replacement parts or accessories for your plasma cutter, there is a selection of items such as cutting torches, spacer guides, plasma electrodes and extend nozzles for a variety of plasma cutter models. You can also ensure you have the relevant safety equipment to use this equipment and choose from a selection of protective aprons, sleeves and masks.