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LEGO Construction toys and kits have been amongst the most popular toys in the construction category since the arrival of LEGO in the 1930’s. LEGO is a great way to teach your children creativity, how to be constructive with their hands and how to follow instruction and solve puzzles. LEGO has always been a fun way of learning whilst recreating your favourite object, character or figure.

LEGO has a huge range of toys and kits to choose from. You can select the best toy or set for you based on the category, theme, character, model type, age or even the packaging it comes in. All of this diversity means that there is a set to suit every child’s favourite characters or hobbies.

There are over an impressive 140 themes to choose from; more than enough options to help you find the right kit you’re looking for. One of the most popular LEGO construction toys and kits available is the Star Wars collection. The Star Wars LEGO includes all the main ships, characters and battle machines from the incredibly popular franchise, such as the death star, an X-wing fighter and more.

Another popular theme is the LEGO City collection. These sets are great for bringing your imagination to life with the different city buildings, vehicles and objects to choose from. LEGO Technic is another popular theme that is a good fit for older children or slightly more advanced builders that like the intricacy of building.

LEGO is well suited for children of all ages. The LEGO Duplo sets are perfect for younger children and toddlers whereas the LEGO Architecture could even be a challenge for some adults. No matter what you or your child is in to, there will be a new or second hand LEGO construction toy or kit to suit your tastes.