Industrial Metal Sheets & Flat Stock

Finding the Right Metal Sheets Flat Stock for Your Next Project: An eBay Buying Guide

When you're fabricating hardware and other items out of metal sheets, you want to make sure you have the right materials at hand and the amount to make sure that there are little to no delays. On eBay, you will find a large selection of low-cost metal sheets and flat bars made from metals such as copper, brass, and aluminium. Here are some tips to consider that can help you find the right metal sheets for the task.

How do you find the right metal sheets online?

Finding the right metal sheets for you depends on a few different factors.

  • Metal or alloy: Some metal options include stainless steel, aluminium, brass, copper, and a range of different steel alloys among others.
  • Sheet thickness: Sheets will be sold in varying thicknesses by the millimetres. Listings will also indicate the dimensions of the sheet to let you know how much material you have to work with.
  • Brand: Most listings won't have a specific brand listed in the eBay post. Some listings may indicate the shop that cut the pieces or produced the metal sheets.
  • Condition: You can choose between new and used metal sheets.
Reasons to purchase new metal sheets instead of used ones

Salvaged or used metal sheets and flat bar plates can be rusted, corroded, or tarnished over time. Used sheets will generally be cheaper to purchase but may have some damage to the sheet. New sheets will also indicate the purity level and metal content on the listing to help you make a selection as well.

How are metal sheets priced on eBay?

Copper, brass, and bronze metal sheets will typically be the most expensive when searching online. These metals are rarer to find compared to steel and different iron alloys and are costed accordingly. Some sheets will be a combination of metals and won't be pure copper or other metals. The purity of the sheet will also play a part in the price, with higher per cents being the most expensive.

Which metals to select for the job

Whenever purchasing sheets, you should consider what the sheets will be used for. If you need something that is corrosion-resistant, you should find a metal such as stainless steel or aluminium. Another consideration will be the amount of flexibility needed. Aluminium will be easier to bend than brass or another harder material. Red metals can be a good option if you're looking for a specific aesthetic for an external project as well.