Use Wooden Crates to Give Your Space Some Extra Flair

Wooden crates are a staple of both shipping and interior and exterior design, with their sturdiness and hearty construction lending an air of stability to the environment they're placed in while providing you with several practical uses. Try out a wooden crate from eBay to see just how many things you can find to do with it and just how nice it can look when properly placed within your space.

What kinds of things can you do with wooden crates?

A wooden crate has a number of practical uses around your home, both in decoration and for function. Some of the options might include the following:

  • Storage: Given a crate's primary function is typically to store things, it should come as no surprise that your wooden crate can do just that. Given how variable the sizes are for wooden crates, you should have no problem finding one that conforms to both your space availability and your storage needs.
  • Furniture: Crates make the appropriate rustic table substitutes. They're flat, sturdy, and look good with or without something like a tablecloth.
  • Shipping: Buying a crate from eBay can give you the container you need for your own shipping needs. If you're sending a large item over long distances, particularly by train, then a wooden crate is the way to go for keeping your goods safe during transit.
  • Firewood: If, for whatever reason, you find you're no longer in need of your wooden crate, it can easily be broken down into its base materials for kindling or any number of other functions.
How large are wooden crates?

Given how many functions wood crates are needed to fulfil, their actual dimensions can vary quite widely between different examples. Smaller box-sized crates for small objects are sold right beside large shipping containers several square metres in size. Which kind of crate you buy will depend on your needs, so double check the listing for dimensions and other size identifiers before purchasing.

What kinds of wood are crates made from?

In terms of composition, wood crates are not uniform in their materials. Two of the most common woods for crates or pallets are oak and southern yellow pine. Both of these woods are incredibly sturdy and easy to work with, not to mention abundant. Smaller or more artistic crates might use woods like mahogany, while others turn to pine for its attractive aroma.

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