Sliding Garden Fence Gates

What to Know Before You Purchase a Sliding Gate

Are you looking for a gate to complete a remodelling project? Perhaps you need to replace an existing gate that no longer works? You will be happy to know that eBays user friendly website offers a large selection of sliding gates, and here is what you need to know before you make your selection.

Which materials are sliding gates constructed from?

Common construction materials include galvanised steel, wrought iron, wood, and metal. Wrought iron and wood work particularly well for use in ornamental gates. Galvanised steel and other metals are often good choices for use in driveways and entrances. Wood is not a good material for gates that are intended to enclose pets, since it can be easily chewed through by a young animal.

Are sliding gates available in different styles?

There are several types of sliding gates and each is intended for a specific function. Driveway gates are usually constructed of wrought iron, steel, or aluminium and may have a hinged door. Such gates are often electric and can be powered by a remote control device. Gates that are intended for use as fencing are often constructed of wood, aluminium, or wrought iron. Ornamental gates are usually found in gardens, patios, or gazebos. They are often constructed of wrought iron, wood, or iron and might be functional as well as decorative. These gates can be used to separate parts of a garden, to enclose a pool, or even to serve as a trellis for a rose vine or climbing plant.

Is it possible to find used or refurbished sliding gates?

You can choose a used or refurbished gate on eBay. This category is often a good source of vintage or antique items that might not be easily found elsewhere. Getting a used gate can be a way to give your garden, patio, or driveway that special touch that will make it stand out as unique.

What are the most common features of sliding gates?

Although there are different types of gates, their common features are summarised in the following list.

  • Hardware: Regardless of the material used to construct the gate, the hardware is made of steel, iron, or some other type of metal.
  • Height: Most sliding gates have a height between one and two metres. Ornamental gates tend to be shorter while the taller heights usually correspond to fencing or driveway gates.
  • Operation: Driveway gates are often electric and might be operable from a remote control device. This feature is less common in fencing and is not usually found in ornamental gates.

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