Wooden Garden Gates

Wooden garden gates for rustic charm

More than just an entrance to your own private space, garden gates make a statement when it comes to adding the finishing touch to a garden. Design is important if you want to tick all the boxes for style, price and security. You can find wooden garden gates to suit any home, whether it's rural, urban or somewhere in between on eBay, so you can spruce up your garden in no time. 

Driveway gates

From grand and imposing to welcoming and rustic, a wooden driveway gate can add a final touch of finesse to the main entrance of your home. Thinking about fixings as well as the mechanism is perhaps more important with a driveway gate than any other. You'll need to make it easy to pass through by car and by foot. 

From metal topped wooden gates to those with oversized decorative hinges, or cottage style designs, you have every option to suit your home. Just remember that planning consents may be required for higher fencing and gates in conservation areas. 

Pedestrian gates

Wooden pedestrian gates can really create a sense of charm and secrecy to your garden. Again, the height restriction may come into play in conservation areas, but otherwise, you're free to explore your options. Wooden slide gates, low swinging cottage-style gates, and tall heavy-duty gateways are all spins on different designs. 

Your choice will be dictated by the style of the boundary too. Whether that's a wall or fence panels, choosing a wooden gate that sympathetically blends in will add to the finished look. 


Trellis gates come in all shapes and sizes, and you can find made to measure styles too, giving you extra options if this is the exact type of entrance you're looking for. Usually featuring sturdy base panels and decorative wooden trellises at the top, they allow you to play around with the look and feel of your garden. 

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