Metal Garden Gates

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Secure Your Property With Decorative Metal Garden Gates

A gate is the entrance into an enclosed space. Metal garden gates may be decorative landscaping features or functional doors which increase security by controlling entrance into private or proprietary parts of your home, office, or garden. Look at all the things you can do with wrought iron garden gates on eBay, where you can shop with confidence.

What kinds of metal garden gates are available?
  • Single swing: Single swing metal gates on hinges swing open in only one direction in security systems on your deck or children's playground.
  • Dual swing: Dual swing metal gates on hinges with motorised mechanisms swing in or out on your garage, your storage area, or your rear entrance.
  • Gliding: Gliding gates can roll overhead or slide sideways on entrances to private property, like swimming pools.
  • Automatic open: Low-maintenance actuator motors open metal garden gates automatically to keep you dry in the rain and safer in the dark.
What are the features of metal garden gates?
  • Wrought iron: Authentic wrought iron garden gates are made from an iron alloy, which contains less than 0.08% carbon, and it doesn't rust. Wrought iron is malleable, pliable, strong, and easy to weld. Wrought iron has a wood-like grain when etched. Wrought means it was hammered and rolled at high temperatures, which released impurities and gave it a fibrous texture.
  • Steel: Low carbon steel forms a sturdy, shock-resistant gate which does not wear with frequent use. Low carbon steel absorbs shocks and vibrations even if the gate is slammed shut.
What are the benefits of metal garden gates?

A metal garden gate adds distinction to your entryway. Metal garden gates offer tasteful security with latches and locks to keep your toddlers and pets in and intruders out of your home, your office, or your garden. Large metal gates can fortify your residence door or an automated metal gate with or without a keypad, which opens to allow only those who are authorised to enter your parking lot, swimming pool, office, or your yard.

What accessories do you need to install metal garden gates?
  • Hangers: Hangers are the hinges which attach the gate to walls either on one side or at the top or bottom of the gate.
  • Bolts: Bolts may act as levers or slide back and forward to open and close metal gates.
  • Latches: Latches are hand- or motor-activated levers used to keep gates closed.
  • Locks: Locks may be keypad, key activated, or card activated.
  • Stops: Stops keep gates from banging walls, flowers, and masonry.