A Guide to Off-Road Motocross Bikes

Dirt bikes have long been a favourite of British off-roaders. The rolling English countryside is great for having fun on dirt bikes. Enthusiasts can find the right dirt bike for their riding style by looking at the motocross bikes for sale on eBay.

What types of dirt bikes are there?

There are many different types of dirt bikes for sale on eBay. The three main types include motocross dirt bikes, dual-sport dirt bikes, and children's dirt bikes. Here is a quick breakdown of the different types of dirt bikes and their unique characteristics:

  • Motocross dirt bikes - The term motocross bike is often used to refer to dirt bikes in general, but it actually means bikes specially designed for racing on an off-road circuit. Many of the motocross bikes for sale in the UK are made to conform to racing regulations and thus may be perfect for aspiring off-road racers.
  • Dual-sport dirt bikes - Dual-sport bikes are made to have excellent off-roading capabilities but to also be street-legal. These bikes are often seen throughout the UK, and many of the cheap dirt bikes for sale in the UK are in this category.
  • Children's dirt bikes - These bikes are much smaller than adult MX bikes for sale, both in overall size and in the displacement of the engine. Children's used motocross bikes in the UK usually have engines of 50 cc or smaller, which limits these bikes to around 48 kilometres per hour at most.
What should you look for in dirt bikes for sale on eBay in the UK?

There are several vitally important things to look for in online listings of used motocross bikes. The first thing to look at is the age and condition of the bike. Also, you should make sure to check what type of bike it is. Finally, make sure to take a look at the bike's engine displacement.

  • Age and condition - Look for newer bikes with the lowest possible mileage on them.
  • Type - You should have the specific type of dirt bike you want in mind, which should make it easy to find the right listings of eBay dirt bikes in the UK.
  • Engine displacement - If you are a newer rider or you simply don't want a bike with a lot of power, a 50 cc model may be right for you. However, high-performance dirt bikes with engines of up to 250 cc are available, especially in the dual-sport category.
Major dirt bike brands

When getting a dirt bike online, it is important to stick to the most reputable brands. This will help ensure that you end up getting a quality machine. The most reputable dirt bike brands include:

  • Yamaha - Yamaha makes a wide variety of different products.
  • Honda - Honda also makes a wide variety of dirt bikes.
  • Husquvarna - They do make street bikes, but their primary focus is on dirt bikes.