Triumph Bonneville Motorcycles

For Stylish Looks: Own a Triumph Bonneville

Triumph Bonneville has a distinct English flair, and these motorcycles are available in a variety of types to suit your riding style. If you're looking for a reliable Triumph Bonneville for sale, you can secure one of these motorcycles for a reasonable cost on eBay.

Types of Triumph Bonnevilles for sale

Triumph Bonneville motorcycles were produced in three different production runs. Some of the models available consist of the following:

  • T120 and T140 Bonneville: These are the original models produced between 1959 and 1983. The first bike was known to achieve speeds equalling 115 mph in speed runs without modification. Models produced after 1963 could achieve even greater speeds with upgraded features. Later models of T120 also included a new frame containing engine oil instead of a separate frame. Its variant, the Triumph T140, was introduced in the early '70s. It had a 750 cc engine with an optional five-speed gearbox and featured an electric starter in the later T140 models.
  • Devon Bonneville: These motorcycles were produced between 1985 and 1988 by a local businessman. The frame and engine were exported from a variety of brands, making it a true multi-brand motorcycle. Only 1,300 Devon Bonneville motorcycles were produced.
  • New Bonneville: The new Bonneville 800, 900, and 1200 models were launched in 2001 and continue to inspire the later generations of bikers. Identified by the power of their engines, these motorcycles are made for comfort and reliability rather than sheer horsepower. The new Bonneville also includes classic T120 and Triumph T100 for sale to commemorate the original motorbike.
Variations in design

When buying a used Triumph Bonneville, you will also find T120 variants with five gearboxes and front disk brakes. In contrast, T140 variations are easily identified by the letters, such as ES for electric start, AV for anti-vibration, and E for emissions. There are 10 different variations of T140.

Similarly, new Bonneville bikes produced between 2004 and 2008 are black in colour. Models after 2008 are classified as Scrambler, Thruxton, and Speedmaster for marketing to different categories of buyers. The Newer Classic line of motorcycles introduced in 2016 consists mostly of heavy touring bikes equipped with 1000-cc and 1200-cc engines.

Are 1200 cc bikes produced by Bonneville?

The Bonneville T120 is a flagship motorcycle of the company equipped with a 1200-cc engine. It is mainly used as a touring bike along with the single-seat Bobber version introduced in 2017. The Bobber uses the T120 engine. For racing enthusiasts, the company produces the 1200-cc Thruxton. Speedmaster bikes are also 1200 cc, but they are mainly intended for the US market.