Full of character classic motorcycles and scooters

Classic motorcycles and scooters are perfect for vehicle enthusiasts. Classic motorcycles offer pure power, whilst scooters are ideal for creating a mod feel. These retro vehicles tear around the roads with ease and draw attention, especially when compared to modern models. 

Whatever motorcycle or scooter you're after, you'll find the perfect vehicle for you right here on eBay. 

Classic motorcycles

Motorcycles offer some serious power when compared to smaller scooters. You'll find a range of instantly recognisable models from famous brands. 

Throw it back to the golden age of motorcycling with a Harley Davidson FLHTCUI 1450 Ultra Glide Classic. This powerful 1450cc model is ideal for racing along the roads, whilst the boldly styled exterior is sure to draw the eye. 

Keep an eye out for these classic Harley Davidson motorcycles with extra levels of trim added for something with a highly styled design. 

Or go for an older BMW Roadster for something with added power on the roads. You'll find simple models to those with the full luggage extras, perfect for carrying items. The simple design of these classic BMW motorcycles works well with a fully blacked out design. 

Even older models are available, like a Bianchi Tonale 175. These bikes offer true vintage style with the flat, low design. A long leather seat offers comfort whilst the lowered handlebars keep you at a low position when riding. 

Classic scooters

One of the most iconic classic scooters available, Piaggio Vespas are truly timeless. These highly styled, and sought after, scooters are instantly recognisable. The thick rear side with extra padded seats contrasts against the thinner front end that offers space for your legs. 

Or go for a Lambretta LI150 for something to remind you of your mod days. The two-tone designs create a bold style whilst the simple overall design offers understated charm.