Triumph Dolomite Classic Cars

Everything You Need to Know About Buying Triumph Dolomite Classic Cars

You like to drive classic cars, and the Triumph Dolomites for sale can fulfil this preference. There are different versions of the Triumph Dolomite cars, which were in production from 1972 through 1980. On eBay, you can choose different specifications, trim levels, colours, and model years of a Triumph Dolomite for sale at reasonable prices.

Some features of an inexpensive, pre-owned Triumph Dolomite for sale

The features of an affordable, used Triumph Dolomite car include:

  • Dashboard: The luxury Sprint trim has a walnut dashboard and doors.
  • Driver's seat: The Sprint features driver's-seat height adjustment.
  • Adjustable steering column: The Sprint trim has an adjustable-height and angle steering column.
  • Rear wheel drive: The 1500 trim has available rear-wheel drive.
  • Seatbelt warning light: The 1300 features a fasten seatbelt warning light.
Available trim levels of a cool Triumph Dolomite for sale

The available trim levels of a stylish Triumph Dolomite car for sale include:

  • 1300: This is the basic trim, and features an extended boot and single head lamps.
  • 1500: This trim level upped the engine size to 1,493 cc.
  • 1500HL: This trim level added a revolutions per minute counter, volt metre for the battery, separate fuel and temperature dials, and a dashboard clock.
  • 1850HL: This added a front spoiler.
  • Dolomite Sprint: The luxury trim includes head rests, front seat pockets, and a rear centre arm rest.
Which engines are in a Triumph Dolomite Sprint for sale?

The Triumph Dolomite Sprint cars for sale offer different engine sizes because of a rapid expansion of trims and options in the 1976 model year. One of their engine types is the 1,998 cc straight-4 SOHC with four valves per cylinder, which is available in the Triumph Dolomite Sprint for sale. It was reportedly the first multi-valve engine mass-produced for a car. Another engine type is the 16-valve 1,998 cc engine, which was used in the luxury trim level of the Triumph Dolomite Sprint.

How do you choose the right Triumph Dolomite for sale?

When you're shopping for a gently used Triumph Dolomite, consider its:

  • Model year: The range is 1972 to 1980.
  • Colour: The options include mimosa yellow, blue, red, white, and with racing strips of different colours.
  • Transmission: They have four to six speeds on manual, and automatic and overdrive are available as options.
  • Seat material: The options include vinyl and cloth.
  • Wheel type: There are standard alloy and available Spitfire road wheels.