Austin A35 Classic Cars

Revel in Golden Age Motoring with Austin A35 Classic Cars

An instantly recognisable design that's sure to bring a smile to many faces, the Austin A35 remains a very usable and enjoyable classic car. Since more than 280,000 were produced in the car's years of production, you'll find plenty of choices. Look through the wide range of affordable A35s in eBay listings and browse the accompanying photos to find the A35 that will make your day.

Service history is very important with an Austin A35

With so many Austin A35 cars still around to choose from, you can afford to be a bit picky when finding your ideal vehicle from eBay. Make sure that the car you're interested in has a proper service history since a number of A35s were used in motorsport in the 1950s and 1960s. The car's drum brakes are good once you're used to them, but they need to be kept well adjusted, as does the handbrake.

What's important to check when buying an Austin A35?

The car's simple mechanicals and loving care from enthusiasts mean that many A35s are still in excellent condition. Even so, you should check:

  • Bodywork: This is crucial, thanks to the distinctive monocoque design. Check photos carefully for any problems in the sills and wings, in particular.
  • Engine: Some Austin A35s have had their original 948 cc engines replaced by larger units, so always read the eBay listings in detail.
  • Interior: Look for photos of the car's cabin to allow you to see the condition of seats, trim and instruments.
A35 vans were produced for much longer than cars

The straightforward saloon version of the Austin A35 was made for only three years, from 1956 until 1959, after which the then-new Mini and Austin A40 Farina took its place in the line-up. However, the estate continued to be made until 1962, while the Austin A35 van was turned out as late as 1968. There's also an unusual pickup version, made in 1956 only - if you're after one of these, ask questions and examine eBay listing photos very carefully to ensure it's not simply a standard van that was later modified.

What options can you look for in A35 vans?

Thanks to its versatility and low running costs, many owners of the Austin A35 van opted to tailor it to their tastes. You may find vans with a bench seat added to the rear, although many of these have since been removed to allow better access to the surprisingly cavernous load space. A few cars have had window winders fitted, something lacking in original models. Vans made after 1962 have illuminated indicators rather than the earlier trafficators.