Land Rover Freelander Cars

Transport the Family Everywhere in a Land Rover Freelander

A compact SUV, the Freelander was in production from 1997 through 2014. You can find a large selection of Land Rover Freelanders for sale at a wide range of mileage when you shop at eBay.

Features of the Freelander cars for sale in the UK

These Land Rover Freelanders for sale come with either two or four doors, making them ideal for small and larger families alike. They also contain a large storage space in the back for gear, supplies, or luggage. You can find these vehicles with either diesel, such as the Freelander TD4, or petrol engines. Both the Land Rover Freelander TD4 and the Land Rover Freelander 1 for sale are available with either automatic or manual transmissions. Many of them are four-wheel drive. Standard safety features include seat belt pretensioners, airbags, and anti-lock brakes. A few optional features you can find include:

  • Roof storage racks
  • Sunroof
  • Leather seating
  • Premium sound systems
Is maintenance information available on these Freelanders?

Most listings include full service records so you can be certain the vehicle was properly maintained prior to you owning it. You will also find information including the number of previous owners for the vehicle and the MOT expiry. Mileage varies amongst the vehicles, with some models having as low as 20,000 miles.

Are these Land Rover Freelanders new?

Since Freelanders were last made in 2014, these are used vehicles. They are available in a variety of conditions from salvage and spare parts to like-new. Detailed pictures can alert you to the condition of these Land Rovers. Sometimes, you will find details on how the car was used. For example, if it was used as a holiday car or daily as a commuter car. This can help you determine just how much the vehicle was used. There should also be information about any replacements to tyres, belts, or other parts if applicable.

How do you find the right Land Rover Freelander?

Finding the right Freelander car for sale in the UK is simple when you shop on eBay. You can compare different vehicles and mileage with just a click. You must determine the things that are important to you when purchasing your Freelander. Do you prefer your vehicle to have lower mileage? How much can you afford? What size should you buy? Finally, consider your personal preferences, like colour and interior features.