Mitsubishi FTO Cars

Enjoy Purposeful Design With a Mitsubishi FTO

To make a statement wherever you drive, choose a Mitsubishi FTO. The Mitsubishi vendors on eBay provide attention-grabbing wedge-shaped FTO coupes with elegant front wheel arches that leave a lasting impression.

Engine types available with a Mitsubishi FTO

The Mitsubishi FTO is offered with three different engines. On eBay, you can choose from the following engine types:

  • A 1.8-litre, four-cylinder engine.
  • A 2.0-litre V6 unit.
  • A MIVEC version of the V6 engine.
How many gears are available with the automatic transmission on Mitsubishi coupes?

Mitsubishi drivers can enjoy five gears with Mitsubishi's INVECS-II automatic transmission. This provides a powerful start with the first gear, while the fifth gear allows you to use fuel efficiently and minimise noise while cruising. The system automatically monitors the conditions on the road, the driver's preferences, and behaviour. The other gears adjust in response to these elements when the electronic transmission is in automatic mode. When a Mitsubishi's electronic transmission system is in Sports mode, however, the driver can take control of all shifting to optimise the car's performance.

Is ABS standard on the Mitsubishi FTO?

Mitsubishi provides ABS on all the coupes that were made after 1998. If you select an earlier coupe from eBay, ABS is optional. To know for sure, you can check the engine bay to see whether or not the Mitsubishi coupe of your choice has ABS fitted. Look for an alloy block that has six brake pipes attached to it.

Safety features of Mitsubishi models

Mitsubishi cars on eBay offer all the safety features that are standard in cars made after 1994. These include the following:

  • Front airbags that protect the driver in the event of an accident.
  • Traction control.
  • Electronic stability control.
What interior features are available on the Mitsubishi FTO?

The Mitsubishi FTO has comfortable bucket-style seats in the front, and these can be adjusted to suit your height preferences. Separate knobs are available for the front and back halves of each seat and seat belt guides improve safety for shorter occupants.

The controls allow you to easily and conveniently adjust the climate, windows, and mirrors. Additionally, the trunk and fuel door releases are in conventional positions for ease of use. Families with young children will appreciate the hard-wearing plastic on the dash and trim.