Ford Escort Cars

A Guide to Buying Ford Escort Cars Online

You need a compact or small sedan car to get you around, and a Ford Escort satisfies this requirement. The Ford Escorts were built for markets in Europe and North America, and they feature a left-hand or right-hand drive side, depending on their location of manufacture. On eBay, you can choose from different body styles, specifications, model years, and trim levels of new or used Escort cars for sale at reasonable prices.

Which body styles of Ford Escort cars can you find?

Available body styles of Escort cars include:

  • Hatchbacks: Three-door and five-door hatchback styles are available in all generations.
  • Station wagons: These have five doors.
  • Sedans: They have four doors and were released with the second generation in 1991.
  • Coupes: In the 1997 model year, the coupe body style was introduced with two doors.
Specifications of affordable pre-owned Ford Escort cars

See the manufacturer site for details on these specifications:

  • Engine size: This ranges from 1.6 to 2.0 litres.
  • Transmission: There are four-speed automatic and five-speed manual options.
  • Wheel base: This ranges from 2.350 to 2.393 metres.
  • Curb weight: The range is 1,017 to 1,130 kilogrammes.
  • Height: This varies by model year and body style, and ranges from 1.339 to 1.361 metres.
Which trim levels are available in the Escort cars?

The available trim levels of new or pre-owned Escorts include:

  • GT: The GT trim is part of the first generation, and it includes front and rear spoilers, a five-speed transmission, and fog lights.
  • GLX: First available in 1982, this trim level featured the newly designed blue oval Ford logo and a rubber shift boot for manual transmissions.
  • LX: Introduced in 1984, it has butterfly trim alloy wheels and blackout trim.
  • Tracer: Introduced in 1988, it has plastic bumpers instead of metal and larger, 35 centimetre wheels.
  • Pony: Released in 1990, this trim replaces cloth with plastic and vinyl in the interior.
How do you choose the right small Ford Escort car?

When you're shopping for a compact Ford Escort car, consider its:

  • Model year: The range is 1997 to 2002.
  • Colour: The options include black, blue, green, grey, silver, white, purple, red, burgundy, and beige.
  • Number of doors: Depending on the model, there are two to five doors on the used Ford Escorts.
  • Brakes: Choose front and rear disc brakes or front disc and rear drum brakes.
  • Wheels: There are aluminum or alloy wheel options.