Honda CRX Cars

Commute in Style in a Honda CRX

The award-winning Honda CRX is an economical, compact car manufactured between 1983 and 1997. Originally launched as the Honda Ballade Sports CR-X, eBay offers multiple Honda CRX models at various price points.

Honda CRX models and features

The Honda CRX is classified as a sports compact. With front-wheel drive, the body style is a 3-door coupe and, depending on the model, comes with either a two-seater or four-seater arrangement. Available with 1.3, 1.5, or 1.6-litre engines, they are categorised as either first, second, or third-generation:

  • First Gen: Honda CRX - manufactured from 1983-1991.
  • Second Gen: Honda CRX VTEC - manufactured from 1988-1991.
  • Third Gen: Honda CRX del Sol - manufactured from 1992-1997.

When should you consider an automatic transmission?

While a manual transmission offers more active control and generally commands a lower price, automatic transmissions offer a smoother ride as gear changes are made without physical effort. Manual models cost lest to maintain and consume less fuel if gear changes are efficient. Automatic models, however, require less concentration to drive, particularly on steep inclines, as the clutch is balanced for you.

Fuel economy and generational changes

Honda CRX models are known for their fuel economy, rating highly at no price premium over base models. Each generation, however, saw changes to the specifications, and you should take these into account when considering your purchase:

  • Honda CRX: The debut model shared the Civic drivetrain and was offered in two versions - economy (1.3-litre) and sport (1.5-litre). The sport was available as a 3-speed manual or a 5-speed automatic. During the years of production, further enhancements included aerodynamic headlights, a power sunroof, revised spoilers, alloy wheel sizes, and some console changes.
  • Honda CRX VTEC: This second-generation model had increased power with still-low fuel consumption. The most significant change was to the chassis, which changed from the original torsion bar/beam axle/trailing link setup to a 4-wheel, double-wishbone suspension. Many CRX VTECs were fitted with fuel injection as standard.
  • Honda CRX del Sol: The final version of the CRX line is considered the '3rd Gen' by enthusiasts, but was significantly changed in design with the body more closely resembling a mid-engine car. Nevertheless, a number of features were shared with the Civic, including front-engine design and trim levels.

What are the benefits of a targa top?

The Honda CRX del Sol debuted in 1992 with a removable hardtop and retractable rear window. The European version was offered with either manual or automatic storage options. Rather than physically storing a hardtop, the Transtop mechanism retracted the roof by pushing a button, pulling the targa top into the boot for storage. If you choose a targa top model CRX, you will be able to respond to changing weather conditions easily, even when actively en route to your destination.