8HP Outboard

Take to the seas with an 8HP outboard

Add some power to your boat with an 8HP outboard. These are ideal if you're upgrading your watercraft, or your old outboard has broken. Outboards with 8HP give you more than enough power for any task, perfect for fishing and leisurely boat rides. You're sure to find the perfect boat engines and motors for your boat right here on eBay. 

When browsing these parts it's important to keep the size of your boat in mind. Larger boats will need a more powerful motor, whilst smaller boats are best suited to smaller motors. Installing a unit that's too heavy for your craft can actually cause damage to your boat. 

Yamaha 8HP outboards

Go for a Yamaha outboard for something that's efficient and powerful but still lightweight. An F8F is the perfect example of this. A four-stroke engine offers a powerful output but remains quiet when in use, perfect for fishing. 

A Yamaha CDI Ignition System ensures a successful start-up on the first try, whilst an easy to use twist throttle and three gear system makes for easy manoeuvering when on the water. The over-rev limiter stops you from overworking the engine, making for a longer lasting outboard. And all of these features fit inside the compact, lightweight design that's suited perfectly to smaller boats. 

Tohatsu 8HP outboards

You'll also find Tohatsu outboards that are perfect for smaller boats. An MFS 8A3 offers everything you need for a range of applications. Adjustable steering friction lets you alter the amount of effort needed to steer, whilst an advanced cooling system keeps the engine from overheating, perfect for long periods of use. 

And you'll never run out of fuel thanks to the easily refillable plastic 12L fuel tank. One full tank is more than enough for long fishing trips or leisurely boat rides.