Coin Pusher Arcade Machines

Enjoy the Fun of the Fair with a Coin Pusher at Home

One of the more popular machines at funfairs or seaside arcades, the penny pusher can now be brought into the home. Available in table-top sizes, these battery-powered machines promise hours of fun in the home or even in the office. Challenge your friends with any of the models available on eBay.

Does the coin pusher work with any coins?

These devices are frequently supplied with plastic tokens for use instead of coins. There are some models that are also designed to accept 1p and 5p pieces, too. Whilst the penny pusher machines are mostly sold together with suitable tokens, it is also possible to buy extra bags of tokens as well.

Is the coin pusher suitable for children?

Much like the real arcade machines, these penny pusher machines for home use are suitable for the whole family. Owing to the small parts, these machines are not suitable for children under three years of age. However grown ups and older kids are certain to have hours of fun with these arcade-style games.

What other features are included?

Whilst penny pushers are fairly simple in their set up, there are a few things to look out for. These include:

  • Batteries: Most models for home use require 4D batteries to work. Their reliability on batteries and relative light weight makes them portable, meaning you can take your penny pusher to parties, too.
  • Steady base: The skill behind a penny pusher is timing. However, some players will try to tilt the machine in order to get their coins. Check the product has an anti-tilt base to prevent possible cheating. Some are even fitted with a tilt alarm.
  • Mute option: Recreating the arcade experience, many machines come fitted with real arcade music and tones. After a few hours of playing, you may welcome the option to mute the machine.
What skillls are needed for the coin pusher?

Playing a coin pusher machine successfully involves a lot more than just good luck. Timing is everything with this game, as pushing and tilting the machine goes against the rules of fair play. The longer you play, the more coins there will be to push down and the greater your chances of winning. Learn to drop the coins strategically at the right time for the pushers.