Race Motorhome

Race Motorhomes for true comfort

If you need to transport your vehicle for the next race, but you also need a comfortable place to stay without spending extra on a hotel, then a race motorhome is for you. Varying in sizes and features, there's a motorhome suitable for every racer here on eBay. 

Living commodities

When travelling to your next race, you need a place to stay. With a sleeping capacity ranging from two all the way up to seven, the racer and crew/friends can fit in perfectly for a comfortable and peaceful night sleep. Fit more people in with convertible dinettes and seating, changing into extra beds. 

Go for a race motorhome almost as comfortable as a static caravan with hot and cold water for drinking and cleaning, and know that you aren't missing out on a hotel. Get more out of the home than you would even with a hotel room, with a cooker available for you to prepare your own food. 

Stay cool in hot weather with air conditioning systems built-in, making living and working within the motorhome so much more bearable. 

Safety and extras

Due to the nature of the race motorhome and the garage built in at the rear, there are carbon monoxide alarms in every single motorhome, keeping you safe at all times. 

Keep safe from skidding with anti-lock breaks, preserving the integrity and health of your tyres for longer and to keep maintenance at a lower level. This feature also helps keep the vehicle in the garage kept safer, as it avoids jolting and ensures stability. 

Anti-lock breaks are also extremely useful in off-road conditions and poor weather, which race motorhomes are completely capable of traversing. 

Store more in your motorhome with exterior lockers, useful for when the race is in preparation or on-going and allows easy access for the driver and crew. Pull up during the race and put up the motorhome awning, typically included with your home, to stay cool.