Rowing Boat

Enjoy Your Island Stay With a Private Rowing Boat

If you are planning to go camping by the seaside, then you should consider packing a rowing boat in your recreational vehicle. You can find both new and used rowing boats for sale on eBay that suit your needs.

Determining the right size of your rowing boat

Size is a crucial factor when you are buying a rowing boat, mostly because it affects the cost, stability, and speed of the boat. Some of the factors that determine the size that will work for you are:

  • The human capacity: The maximum number of people you expect to use the boat at the same time is important. It can be the number of rowers or passengers.
  • Means of transport: If you are buying a camping rowing boat, then it should be lightweight for easy transportation in your campervan. Large rowing boats are suitable for private yachts and those who live by the beach.
  • Purpose: A fishing rowing boat is often bigger than a sports boat because of the equipment that you will need to carry in it.
Should you buy a rowing boat with a Kevlar or a wooden hull?

Kevlar and wood are the main types of hull materials for rowing boats. However, choosing between them depends on your needs and budget. Kevlar is affordable, easy to maintain, and more durable than wooden boats. However, wooden boats are more rigid and suitable for outdoor storage such as by the dock.

Are there collapsible portable rowing boats?

Yes. You can find inflatable recreational rowing boats on eBay. They are easily portable as you can deflate them and carry them in your car trunk or on your campervan. There are two types of inflatable boats; soft inflatable boats (SIB) and rigid inflatable boats (RIB). Your choice depends on the following:

  • Water conditions: SIBs are suitable for calm waters and areas without landing facilities whereas RIBs are for rougher waters.
  • Weight: SIBs are lighter than rigid inflatable rowing boats.
  • Hull: If you need a solid hull and a rigged floor then a RIB is the right option or you.
Ensure your boat offers the right rowing option

A rowing boat is either for sweep rowing or sculling. In the former, each rower has only one oar, while in the latter, each rower has two oars. You should consider this aspect when buying cheap rowing boats on eBay for sports purposes. The size of these boats depend on the number of rowers you plan for, with eight being the maximum for professional rowing boats.