School Cane

School Cane

Travel back in time to the days of the old-school cane, when corporal punishment was acceptable and teachers could legitimately cane children for disobedience or unruly behaviour. Today, of course, it no longer happens in schools, but you can still purchase school style canes, for their novelty value or as a collectible.

Kooboo Rattan

Rattan are the thin jointed stems of the climbing palm plant, traditionally used to make furniture, baskets and of course, canes. Kooboo is a type of rattan and many of the canes you will find listed are made of this material. As this is a naturally occurring material, it is not completely smooth; there are joints along the length of the rattan that is often a feature of the cane.

Sanded Joints and Tips

Kooboo rattan is a tough plant material and as such, it can have naturally sharp points where it has been cut and sometimes sharp edges. A cane with sanded joints and a sanded tip would have ensured a slightly more comfortable user experience with reduced risk of damage to the skin.

Different shapes

Canes typically come in two different shapes, those that are straight, with wipe clean polyvinyl handles to give better grip and handling and those that have a crooked handle, which typically lacks any polyvinyl covering as the handle shape makes it easy to hold. Straight canes can also be purchased with suede of faux leather grips, complete with rivets to compliment a darker, more adult scene. Canes also come in different lengths, with shorter versions being designed to fit in travel cases for corporal punishment on the move.

Novelty Items

Gone are the days where this item instilled fear in children. Whatever cane takes your fancy, they will make fantastic novelty items, props for amateur dramatics or simply as collectibles if you are interested in this period of history, or remember them from your childhood.