World Cup Trophy

Relive the Winning Moment With a Life-Size World Cup Trophy

With few exceptions since 1930, the FIFA World Cup has been held every four years, and the World Cup Trophy awarded to its champion. With life-size trophy replicas, you can bring home a special keepsake of an exciting sporting event. eBay offers a variety of World Cup replica trophies to football fans everywhere.

What does a realistic replica of the trophy look like?

Here are some attributes for comparison if you are searching for a realistic replica on eBay.

  • Jules Rimet World Cup: The Jules Rimet World Cup Trophy is a gold-plated sterling silver trophy with lapis lazuli, showing Nike, the Greek goddess of victory. It stands 35 centimetres tall.
  • FIFA World Cup: The FIFA World Cup Trophy is an 18-Karat hollow gold trophy with bands of malachite on its base. It shows two human figures holding up the planet Earth and stands 36.5 centimetres tall. Engraved on the base of it are the words “FIFA World Cup,” and the winning countries are engraved on the bottom.
  • FIFA Women's World Cup: The FIFA Women's World Cup Trophy is gold-plated bronze and stands at 47 centimetres. It has a cone-shaped base and a spiral band that stretches up to hold a football.
  • FIFA Club World Cup: The FIFA Club World Cup Trophy stands at 37.5 centimetres and has a base with four pillars supporting a football embossed with the global continents.
What's the difference between the various World Cup trophies?

When choosing the World Cup replica trophy you'd like to buy on eBay, consider that these are the competitions in which the trophies are handed out.

  • Jules Rimet World Cup: The Jules Rimet World Cup Trophy was the original World Cup trophy awarded between 1930 and 1970. Uruguay was the first country to win the trophy in 1930, but at three times, Brazil was the country to be awarded this trophy the most.
  • FIFA World Cup: Commissioned for the 1974 game, the trophy for the FIFA World Cup can no longer be given to a winning team. Instead, it is engraved with the country of the winning team and kept by FIFA.
  • FIFA Women's World Cup: Commissioned for the first FIFA Women’s World Championship in 1991, the FIFA Women's World Cup Trophy goes to the top senior women’s national team.
  • FIFA Club World Cup: The FIFA Club World Cup is an annual competition where the winners of each continent’s major competitions compete against each other.
What can you do with a World Cup Trophy?

You can purchase a trophy of the World Cup as a gift to a World Cup fan, to inspire a young football athlete, or even in remembrance of a great competition.