Adidas Predator Mania Football Boots

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Adidas Predator Mania Football Boots

If you are looking to practise your football skills or are in need of a new pair of boots, adidas Predator Mania football boots are a great choice. Tried, tested and worn by footballing legends such as Alessandro Del Piero and Raul, the Adidas Predator Mania boots will have you stepping out onto the pitch in style. Shop from new and used pairs of the classic football boot here on eBay.

Functional attributes

Originally released in 2002 ahead of the Japan and South Korea World cup, the Mania was designed with the incorporation of Far Eastern flair and innovative design. The inclusion of XTRX Blades, Kangaroo Leather, and increased heel protection, helped develop a contemporary football boot which is very much on par with its modern counterparts. Whilst the addition of an elastic string fitted around the tongue of the boot covers the laces allowing for a smooth and controlled strike of the ball.


If you are looking to preserve the essence of the classic predator boot, opt for the traditional colour combination of black and red. Alternatively, you can be a bit more adventurous and go for the ‘champagne gold' combination, emulating England legend David Beckham. Other colour schemes include red and silver and a ‘blacked out' version which is reminiscent of the football boots of yester-year.

2003 Version

Whilst the original version of the Mania was released in 2002, a revised version of the football boot was released a year later. This newer version incorporates a slight design change, features new colour combinations, including ‘lunar' and ‘gun metal', whilst also providing the option of moulded blades or screw in studs. If you like the aesthetic appeal of the Mania but are a traditionalist by nature, the 2003 version with changeable studs may be the boot for you.