Legoland Tickets

Legoland Tickets

Gather the family for a big day of adventure with Legoland tickets. These tickets will spirit you away to a world made entirely of the famous little Lego bricks. You can choose to go for day tickets or short breaks or even an annual pass if you fancy visiting again and again.

Important things to consider when buying your tickets include the date. Of course, you need to make sure that you are free to visit on the day youve chosen, but other considerations include whether youre booking on days that might be busier than usual.

Things to do

Based in Windsor, Legoland offers an almost endless stream of activities and rides for the whole family, no matter what the age. What is there to do when you get there? Fast, themed rollercoasters, open Duplo play areas, live shows from childrens entertainers and much more. Creative little ones can get busy building in Lego or you can visit the 4D cinema.

Of course, one of the most popular activities is earning your Legoland drivers license. On warmer days, visit the Splash Safari or Drench Towers, which are designed to give kids the ultimate soaking, or if the weather isnt so great, head inside to learn all about Lego and take part in workshops. Dates which coincide with school holidays will go quicker, so if you find one, dont wait too long.

Special Events

Big days to look out for include seasonal events such as special Christmas, New Years Eve and Halloween Brick or Treat events, as well as special activities such as builders weeks. Note the dates down in your calendar if youre looking for a special event or, if you fancy avoiding the crowds, choose a date when there isnt a special event on.