What You Need to Know About Self-Defence Items

Cosh weapons are wonderful self-defence items that almost anyone can learn to use without a lot of training. They can be stored with discretion and carried around to protect yourself anywhere you go. You can find a vast selection right here on eBay.

What types of cosh weapons are there on eBay?

Cosh weapons or batons are meant to be quickly used to strike an adversary if they should attack, thereby allowing you to escape unharmed. Since you might need to use a cosh weapon in a brink moment, many of them can be expanded or drawn. Here are a few of the types of batons you can choose from.

  • Telescopic baton (expandable).
  • Nightstick.
  • Stinger tactical whip.
  • Martial arts pocket staff (expandable).
  • Pointed palm keychain.
How to select a cosh weapon

If you want to buy a cosh, you'll need to consider what level of training you have with the particular item and whether you'll be able to use it in an emergency. For example, you might not seriously consider using an extendable staff in an area with close quarters unless you have some type of martial arts training. You can't expect a cosh weapon to defend you in an emergency if you get it just for its aesthetic appeal.

Which size of telescopic baton should you choose?

The size of your telescopic baton can either give you an advantage over an adversary or allow you to handle it more effectively. Typically, you'll choose a telescopic baton size based on your arm length to give you more reach if you're fending off a taller opponent. See the manufacturer site for details. Typical sizes include:

  • 17.78 cm closed - 40.64 cm extended.
  • 21.59 cm closed - 53.34 cm extended.
  • 25.4 cm closed - 66.04 cm extended.
  • 30.48 cm closed - 78.74 cm extended.
Can you use a cosh weapon for breaking vehicle glass?

You might need to break the glass if you drive your car into a body of water or if someone is dangerously unconscious inside a locked vehicle. Since most vehicle glass is highly shatterproof, the cosh weapon must have a hard or pointed metal tip in order to break the glass. A few suitable ones include:

  • Pointed palm keychain - You can grip this with the point on the back of your hand.
  • Telescopic baton - You can swing this downward with just the tip of the end or handle.