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Shisha Flavour Varieties

Smoking shisha, otherwise known as hookah smoking, originated in the Middle East and Asia. It has recently gained popularity in the UK with younger crowds due mainly to the variety of shisha flavours UK companies have to offer. There are many options available on eBay when making a shisha selection.

How do you use shisha?

Since its spike in popularity, smoking hookah is generally practiced in public in small or large groups. While hookah bars have become more popular all across the globe, you might be lost when it comes to buying, setting up, and maintaining your own hookah configuration at home.

How does a hookah work?

A hookah is a way of smoking tobacco, or shisha, through a water pipe with a hose attached. The shisha sits in a bowl atop the pipe and is heated by a charcoal brick. The coal and shisha are separated by a thin layer of aluminium foil. Smoke is then created, and as a user begins to take a pull from the connected hose the smoke follows through the water bowl, passing through the hose. The hose is equipped with a mouthpiece on one end, acting as a tube with the smoker inhales the shisha smoke.

Hookahs can vary immensely when it comes to their size, shape, and style

Typically, all modern hookah have a ceramic head with holes in the bottom that holds shisha, a metal body, a bottom bowl that holds water, and a flexible hose and mouthpiece. The most traditional hookah designs are floor hookahs. While table-top models have become increasingly popular, hookahs are thought to belong on the floor instead of on a table or any other surface. On-the-go versions are beginning to surface as well; hekkpipes are designed specifically for travel, meaning you can take your hookah session on bike next time. Styles of hookahs include:

  • Floor Hookah
  • Table-Top Hookahs
  • Portable Hookahs
What types of shisha flavour choices are there?

To keep the answer short, there are about as many shisha flavours out there as you could possibly imagine. Shisha is comprised of a mixture of tobacco, molasses, and one or more flavourings. You can be sure to find apple and mint-flavoured shisha tobacco anywhere you travel in the world, as those are the two most universally popular shisha flavours. It may take some trying various hookah flavours to decide on your favourite. While the full list of shisha flavours is quite long and shisha flavours prices vary, the afzal pan rasna hookah flavour varieties are a buyer favourite.