Trailer Wheels 10

Explore Rolling Storage Options With Size 10 Trailer Wheels

A trailer can be an efficient means of hauling belongings, work equipment, or assorted debris from one location to another without packing your favourite vehicle. If you already have a trailer but need some new or used parts to get it moving again, you can check out eBay for a fine selection of cheap trailer wheels for sale. Knowing a bit about some of the kinds of wheels in size 10 that you will come across can help you find the ones you like.

How do you choose size 10 trailer wheels?

You already know the specific size that you need for your trailer wheels. However, there are a couple of other things you may want to consider when it comes to buying the parts you need:

  • Ply rating - The ply ratings listed on some trailer wheels are a bit like the contemporary load ratings you might see. These ratings present the number of layers that make up the inner structure of the wheel. You can use a rating like this to get an estimate of the load capacity of each wheel. See the manufacturer site for details.
  • Studs - Most of these wheels will have a series of four studs at the centre of the rims. However, you can find some models on eBay that use five studs.
Finding used trailer wheels for sale

If you want to maximise your options for getting the number or brand of trailer wheels that you want, you can check out the pre-owned products on eBay. You'll find a variety of used trailer wheels for sale that are still serviceable and ready to work with your vehicles. In some cases, cheap trailer wheels sold as second-hand items may lack any original packaging or labels from the brand of your choice, but they might not show any wear from use.

Can you get trailer wheels as part of a set?

Yes, many trailer wheels in size 10 are available on eBay as part of a set of multiple components. If your trailer has two or four wheels, you can purchase the number that you need to get it moving again. You may wish to purchase multiple sets of trailer wheels for your vehicles in order to have extras available when you might need them. In addition to standard sets of either two or four wheels, you can also find packages that include at least three items.