Bathroom Wall Panels

Transform Your Bathroom With New Wall Panels

Typically less expensive than most bathroom wall tiles, placing wall panels is an easy and fast process and an affordable alternative to tile or other wall coverings. Wall panels can be used as bathroom cladding (having the look of other materials) in your bathroom and provide moisture protection as a wet wall. With shower wall panels, you will not have to clean the grout and there is minimal maintenance involved.

Bathroom wall panels are made of different materials

Bathroom wall panels are made of various materials that are durable and lightweight. You can find both new and used examples of each of these on eBay. The four main types of bathroom wall panels are the following:

  • Laminate with MDF or plywood core - This material consists of laminate sheets that are bonded to an MDF or plywood core. One type of this panel is a tongue and groove edge for larger wall areas, and the other type has a square edge, which is adequate for standard-sized baths.
  • Laminate panels with a foam core - These panels have a foam core. This type of wall panel is more flexible and easier to install in tight areas but does not come in tongue-and-groove styles.
  • Acrylic tile panels - These panels are made with thin sheets of acrylic that have been detailed to look like tile. They are light and flexible, but they are not tongue and groove.
  • PVC bathroom wall panels - PVC or plastic wall panels for bathrooms are made with extruded plastic that has a hollow honeycomb centre. The surface has been detailed to look like other materials, such as marble, tile, wood, or stone, and has a glossy surface. The bathroom and shower panels are tongue and groove.
Are bathroom wall panels waterproof?

Modern bathroom wall panels are completely waterproof. Whether you have a wet bathroom or a designated shower area, this is handy for showering and bathing. Not only are the waterproof bathroom wall panels easy and fast to place, but they also do not have to be prepared in any way in order to resist water. They are ideal for any wet areas, and they are very easy to clean and maintain by wiping down with water.

Can you place wall panels over tile?

You can place wall panels over any type of pre-existing wall surface. This allows for fast remodelling of a bathroom because the prior wall covering does not have to be removed. Whether the walls have tiles or wallpaper surfacing, you can simply place the wall panels over the walls without having to do a lot of preparation beforehand.