2 Berth Caravans

Heed the Call of the Wild With a 2-Berth Caravan

Get out into nature with your significant other or head out solo when you own a 2-berth caravan. You can find these small caravans for sale at reasonable prices when you shop at eBay. There are many used 2-berth caravans for sale that offer features to match all your needs.

Some features of 2-berth caravans

Most models include 12V lighting, mains hook-ups, a gas or electric cooker, showers, and loos. Some also have external storage compartments, pop-out expansions, pop-up sleeping berths, and awnings. They can easily attach to most vehicle types for towing as well. There is a large variety of 2-berth caravan manufacturers and models with different features to choose from. Some come with motor movers, allowing for easy movement of your caravan at a site. Additional features you can find on certain units include:

  • TV aerials
  • Blackout blinds
  • Sky roofs
  • Alarm systems
New 2-berth caravans versus used ones

There are both new pre-owned caravans for sale on eBay. The benefit of owning used 2-berth caravans is that they are often much cheaper than brand-new models. Many of these are in excellent like-new condition and have been very well maintained. Detailed pictures can alert you to the exact condition of the caravans. You can also find older units that have been completely restored to retain their vintage charm.

However, new caravans offer you the peace of mind that they should be in optimum working condition since they've never been used before. You can also take satisfaction in knowing that no one else has previously used anything in the caravan before when you buy a new one.

Which 2-berth caravan models are available?

Some of the models available for purchase include:

  • Sterling Europa 390 - 2010
  • Avondale Rialto 480-2 - 2003
  • Bailey Ranger 380/2 - 2006
  • Eriba Puck - 1970
  • Eldiss Knightsbridge 470/2 - 1998
Selecting a 2-berth caravan

With the ability to have side-by-side comparisons between models, eBay makes finding the right caravan simple. Since 2-berth caravans are very lightweight, most vehicles can easily tow them, but you'll still want to make sure that your vehicle can tow the caravan you're considering purchase. While small caravans like 2-berth ones don't require nearly as much petrol as larger caravans do, you'll still want to find out the fuel rating to make sure it gets the kind of fuel economy you want in a caravan. Determine what brand, features, and style you want in your caravan. Read the detailed listings for information on any parts that have been repaired or replaced, like the tyres and lighting.