4 Berth Caravans

Four-Berth Caravans Are a Good Fit for the Family

When you are planning a trip in a touring caravan, you want enough room to make everyone in the group comfortable. Caravans with four berths offer plenty of sleeping space, and you can have fixed or convertible berths. A four-berth caravan for sale can be a major expenditure, but if you purchase an inexpensive, used four-berth caravan on eBay, you can often find a bargain.

Types of four-berth touring caravans for sale

Touring caravans are towable caravans that are pulled behind a vehicle. There are several types of caravans, such as:

  • Traditional caravan - These conventional caravans are large and quite roomy. They range in size from 6 metres to around 12 metres long, and they typically have a sleeping area in the front and one in the back. They have a separate kitchen area and a bathroom, usually with a shower. These types of caravans can have a single or a double axle. The berths range from two to four beds in all sizes.
  • Micro caravan - These tiny caravans are the opposite of their large counterparts. They are small and can be towed behind a small car. Even though they are compact, they usually have a double bed, a kitchen plate, and storage spaces. Some even have hot and cold water, heated air, a toilet, and sleeping space for four people.
  • Fifth wheel - These towable caravans have a gooseneck attachment in the front that is used to attach to a truck when towed. They are usually quite large and often have four or more berths.
  • Pop-top caravan - A pop-top caravan is a small caravan that has a liftable roof that affords more standing room when expanded.
  • Folding caravan - A folding caravan is an expandable caravan that has a hard body for the lower half and a soft upper section that expands into a tent. These types of caravans can be very spacious and often have four sleeping berths.
What kinds of four-berth caravan layouts are available?

Used four-berth caravans for sale can have either fixed beds or convertible beds. Fixed beds are in these available layouts:

  • French bed layout - These beds are set lengthways along a side wall of the motorhome.
  • Island bed layout - An island bed has space on either side of the bed.
  • Single bed layout - These are single beds that are usually laid against opposite walls, and they can be different sizes of beds.
  • Transverse fixed bed layout - A transverse layout is set along the width of a caravan.
  • Bunk bed layout - Bunk beds are twin or double bed combinations that are stacked.
Major brands of four-berth caravans

There are several well-known manufacturers of four-berth caravans for the UK market. These are some of the major brands you will see on eBay:

  • Adria
  • Hymer
  • Knaus
  • Coachman
  • Bailey
  • The Swift Group
  • Elddis
  • Lunar