The Purge Fancy Dress Masks & Eye Masks

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Complete Your Themed Fancy Dress Using Purge Eye Masks

"The Purge" series of cinematic films and television programmes have created a new theme for fancy dress or costume parties that you can customise using eye masks. You will find a broad range of "The Purge" fancy dress masks for sale on eBay that includes designs that are reminiscent of the kinds of looks you might expect from the films or series you may have seen. Understanding some of the design elements of these full or eye masks from "The Purge" can help you choose the right look.

How do you find materials for "The Purge" eye masks?

"The Purge" masks may include a variety of materials to make a composite that helps you achieve the look you want to complete your fancy dress look. Some materials may lend themselves to particular patterns or textures that you might like. Here are just a few of the common components you can expect to find during your search for masks from "The Purge:"

  • Plastic - Various plastics are lightweight and lend themselves to easily painted colour palettes or designs that you might want for face masks from "The Purge" franchise.
  • Rubber - Rubber can give a relatively soft, flexible shape to some "The Purge" eye masks that you can find for sale on eBay.
  • Leather - You may find "The Purge" fancy dress masks on eBay that use leather throughout the whole design, but you can also find "The Purge" eye masks that simply use leather straps.
Main features of "The Purge" fancy dress masks

Many of "The Purge" fancy dress masks for sale will have different features that can add the final touch you might be looking for to complete your appearance. Here are just a few of the more common affordable features you might find when you take a look at "The Purge" masks on eBay:

  • LEDs - Some of the eye masks will have small diodes that light up. They are placed in strategic locations around the frame. These lights may be a uniform colour or change to various shades as needed.
  • Glowing - If you prefer a mask or eye mask from "The Purge" that can give a bit of a fright in full dark, you can go for one that includes components that make it glow.
Selecting designs for your "The Purge" fancy dress masks

You may wish to purchase several new or pre-owned eye masks for sale in different designs to have your choice of looks for your fancy dress costume. Some of the designs you can expect to come across include generic male and female faces in various tones or glowing skulls.