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Future-Proofing Your 40 Inch TV Choices

The television market has become increasingly complex, so future-proofing your 40 inch TV might seem complicated. Look back at the models that have truly lasted, however, and you’ll see a pure and sensible picture - features that focus on clarity and image quality have outlasted all the others, so 40 inch televisions that are made to display superbly are more future-proof than other technology. It really is that simple, so if you’re looking for lasting gadgetry, 40 inch TV 4k and HD models have the most longevity. If you’re shopping for a 40 inch TV smart features should also guide your spending.

Which features create the clearest images?

A good 40 inch TV has:

  • A wide colour gamut.
  • Deep blacks
  • A high dynamic range.

The largest TV isn’t always the obvious choice, however. If you’re viewing in a small room, that massive OLED’s resolution will be underwhelming at best. That’s why a 40 TV with Dolby Vision and HDR10 will serve apartment dwellers. QLED technology tends to be more colourful and bright, but not all HDR models can manage peak brightness well. 8K televisions can produce superb picture quality on smaller screens, so if you’re looking through a list of options a 40 inch model can, indeed, improve upon a 70 inch offering.

How can you choose a cheap 40 inch smart TV?

A 40 inch TV needn’t carry the largest price tag on eBay. 40 inch feature-rich models are expensive, and not all specifications improve upon your image. Many powerhouse brands have bargain models, too, so that cheap 40 TV needn’t be produced by a generic company. 4K picture quality improves on pixel count, so that’s the feature you want to spend your money on. Full HD is an older core technology that often has a lower price.

What features should your Smart TV have?

40 inch TV deals are dominated by smart features, responding to voice commands, recommending programmes, and running an assortment of apps. 70% of today’s televisions have smart features, but not all are made alike:

  • IoT devices connect to your mobile phone and keep your content in one place.
  • TVs with inbuilt streaming media players will vastly expand upon your viewing pleasure.
  • Consider television ranges that specifically support 4k technology.