Micro Digger

Enjoy Power and Manoeuvrability with a Micro Digger

A micro digger is one of a number of different sizes of excavator. Different sizes, which also include mini and midi diggers, are used for different purposes, but the most common reason to choose a small excavator like a micro digger is to enjoy the digging and excavation properties of this type of device, but in a confined space. Micro diggers can be used in virtually any worksite space conditions. Shop on eBay for new and used excavators including cheap micro digger deals.

Manoeuvre tight spaces easily and safely

Excavators are most commonly used on construction sites. They are used to break up and lift earth, although they can be used for other excavation work too. Unfortunately, construction sites tend to be busy, and are filled with people, other equipment, and a host of hazards. The micro digger is used in these circumstances because some models boast a micro digger width that allows them to fit through a standard-sized door frame. The exact width of these machines varies according to the manufacturer and exact model. There is no standard micro digger width, but the smallest model is sometimes referred to as a super micro digger.

Convenience for all

Diggers and excavators are loud and noisy machines. Micro excavators have a smaller engine and less weight than larger models, which means that they tend to be quieter than the full-bodied models. This can be especially beneficial when working in a built-up area such as on a town road or near neighbouring properties. They are also easier to transport than large models.

What weight can micro diggers lift?

It is impossible to give the maximum load of a micro digger, because every model differs. Check the capacity of any model that you buy, and remember that most will give a maximum load according to the height of the bucket. As the bucket lifts, it moves the machine's centre of gravity, and the higher the bucket, the more likely the machine is to topple. See the manufacturer site for details.

What other features should you look for in a micro digger?

Choosing the right excavator means choosing the one that is suited to the job at hand. While size of the digger obviously matters, so too do the following factors:

  • Dig depth: This is determined by the dimensions of the bucket and the size of the boom. Some models allow for boom extensions that increase the dig depth that can be achieved.
  • Reach: Also referred to as boom reach, this is the distance from the digger that the machine can dig.
  • Lift height: The lift height is important if you are lifting loads onto the back of a truck.
  • Load capacity: This is the size of load that can be carried in the digger bucket.
  • Load weight: How much weight will the bucket need to lift? This will determine whether you can use a mini digger for lifting more than just earth and soil.