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What to Know About Cambridge Audio Speakers

Bookshelf speakers are versatile speakers that you can use for numerous purposes while projecting loud and clear audio. Cambridge Audio crafted speakers that are meant for diverse usage while delivering the high volume they are known. eBay sells these Cambridge Audio speakers online at an affordable price.

What features can you expect with Cambridge Audio speakers?

The different specifications for Cambridge Audio speakers contribute to its uses and their sound quality. These specs may include:

  • Walnut finish
  • A frequency response of 50Hz to 22kHz
  • 87 dB of sensitivity
  • Magnetic shield
  • Compact sizing

With such features, these Cambridge Audio speakers can deliver a punchy yet clear sound that retains bass-like qualities in the overall mix. The compact size enables you to transport the speakers with ease. The magnetic shield padding allows you to place these speakers next to devices such as a television where magnetic forces are much greater. Additionally, there is a soft dome tweeter placed in the speaker for smoother high frequencies. Woven polyester-fibre woofers have also been included in the Cambridge Audio speakers to ensure you can hear clearly the low-end qualities of the audio.

What are the connectivity options for Cambridge Audio speakers?

The gold-plated binding posts included with the Cambridge Audio speakers allow for the use of different types of wires, such as banana plugs and spade connectors. These bode well for situations such as home studio recording or for recreational listening. You can also safely connect them to a tube television system and enjoy them as part of a home theatre setting. By using a preamp, you can also connect these Cambridge Audio speakers to a computer system, such as a laptop or a desktop computer. You can also connect amplifiers to instruments, such as a guitar or keyboard, to the Cambridge Audio speakers.

What are some uses for Cambridge Audio speakers?

You can use these Cambridge Audio speakers as part of a home theatre system when you connect them to either a television directly or a control system that dictates the sound and visuals of the home theatre. They are also useful for recording either in a bedroom setting or a professional studio.

Because of its diversity in frequency delivery, using these speakers in a live performance setting for either a full band or a DJ is also highly beneficial. If you're a fan of casually listening to music or podcasts, these Cambridge Audio speakers are also quite useful.

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