Tiger's Eye Sterling Silver Rings for Men

Tigers Eye Sterling Silver Rings for Men

Tigers eye rings for men vary in size and design, but all feature the beautiful tigers eye , which is renowned for its yellow and gold bands of colour. The tigers eye stone has long been associated with power, strength, courage and rightful ownership and is believed by many to aid harmony and balance, helping you to release feelings of fear.

Tigers eye stones are found across the globe, notably in countries including South Africa, India, Burma, Western Australia and America.

Handmade Tigers Eye Rings

When it comes to tigers eye rings that have been handmade, the appeal is often that no two accessories are exactly the same. Theres a rustic charm associated with such a product, with many of the stones varying in size, shape and quite obviously - colour. Whilst some of the gems have yellow bands running through them, others have darker flashes of gold or brown. It is the unique patterns, which make such tigers eye sterling silver rings so interesting.

While some tigers eye rings have a plain sterling silver setting and band, others boast elaborate designs adding to the overall character of the accessory. Its not uncommon to see vintage rings with decoration all the way round the band with some even featuring distinctive imagery such as flowers or scorpions.

Modern Tigers Eye Rings

As well as rings with lavish detailing, you will also find tigers eye stones complemented by a chunky stainless steel band thats without decoration. These accessories have a modernist style with the attractive tigers eye stone being the most standout feature.

While the stone itself is the main focal point of such rings, the stainless steel element ensures accessories are strong, durable and trustworthy. This metal does not corrode and while many stainless steel rings look purposefully chunky, this material is lightweight to wear. Stainless steel is also easy to clean.


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