HDMI Standard Male DVI Cable

Enjoy the Big Screen with a DVI to HDMI Adapter

Sometimes, as a gamer, you want to transfer the screen that you see when you play your computer games to a larger HDTV so that you can feel more immersed in the game. This will allow you to see your surroundings in more detail as you explore, and the easiest way to connect your devices together is by using a DVI to HDMI adapter. These adapters come in varying lengths, so no matter what your setup is, you will be able to find an adaptor on eBay that fits your needs.

What's the main difference between an HDMI and DVI connector?

A HDMI to DVI adaptor is designed to take a video signal from your desktop computer to your HD television, and both video signals will use the same format. The video will transfer without a hitch, but DVI does not have audio options, so you will either need to use a DVI to HDMI converter or a DVI to HDMI adapter with audio. If you are sending the signal in reverse, the video will travel directly from the HDMI to the DVI adaptor, while the audio will need to connect to a sound card or another audio option on your computer.

Why would you need a DVI to HDMI adapter cable?

The main reason for this type of converter is to see the game that’s on your computer screen played out on a larger screen. This means that playing games will be more immersive, and watching movies will feel like you are in the cinema. Media is an important part of our lives, and using this type of converter is a great way to enhance your experience. Some of the affordable adapter brands on eBay that are worth considering include:

  • ONN DVI to HDMI adapters
  • Insignia DVI to HDMI adapters
  • WAVlink DVI to HDMI adapters
How does a DVI male to HDMI female adapter work?

For those situations when you don't have an HDMI monitor but still have a device with an HDMI-out function, you can use this type of converter to bridge the gap. The male end of the cable or box plugs into the device's female connector, and the other end plugs directly into the female connector on the display. A DVI to HDMI adaptor is often used when you need to connect something like a laptop to a larger monitor that is not compatible with HDMI.