Computer Mouse Mats with Wrist Rest

Mouse Pad with Wrist Rest

We're all spending more and more time at our computers, whether for work or leisure. With this in mind a mouse pad with a wrist rest is a wise investment. Wrist wrests are not only comfortable, but help protect against repetitive strain injuries and Carpal Tunnel syndrome which constant computer use can cause.

Wrist rests reduce pressure on the wrist by not only providing a comfortable, cushioned area for your wrist to rest on, but also by ensuring the hands stay at an acceptably healthy angle.

The Cushion

The cushion can vary in height, but all try to keep your wrist on the same level as your mouse if not a little higher. The materials can range from a soft foam that is then encased in fabric, to more intense memory foam and even gel. An ergonomically designed mouse pad with wrist rest will look sleek and stylish on your computer desk and they are available in a wide range of different colours. Black is most common, but bright pinks , blues and purples and a whole lot more.

As well as colours, patterns and prints are also available, such as television characters and the like. Sometimes the wrist rest will be of a different colour to the rest of the mat for an interesting look, for example a black mouse mat with a clear gel wrist rest. The shapes of the mat itself can range from the standard square to tear shaped, to circular. All will have a large enough surface area to use your mouse without issue.


Of all of the properties of any mouse mat, with or without a wrist rest, its ability to resist slippage is one of the most important. When moving the mouse around on the mat you do not want your mouse mat to move. An anti-slip mouse mat will grip the desk and ensure that you can work without hassle and with increased accuracy.