HP Laptop Docking Stations


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HP Laptop Docking Stations

Docking stations provide versatility to HP laptops which may be lacking the ports required to use all desired devices. HP laptop docking stations essentially turn a laptop in a temporary desktop when at home or work. A laptop used normally outdoors can be brought inside and plug into a docking port which is then connected to a monitor, a sound system, an external keyboard or mouse and external hard drive . Most laptops can be set to make the adjustment automatically upon being plugged in.

The type of docking station varies with its design. A 'replicator' offers more ports and that's it, whereas a full desk docking station usually includes battery charging and extra storage in addition to the bonus ports. A portable station is a smaller, lighter version with fewer features designed to be mobile like the laptop. A display stand is a docking station with some physical support, such as a raised platform, to allow increased air circulation or an angled shelf to tilt your laptop .

There are several important things to look for when purchasing a HP laptop docking station. These include wired internet ports, USB ports and external displays.

Wired internet ports

Ethernet ports are important for docking stations as they provide a wired in internet option, which is significantly faster and more stable than a wi-fi connection. This is especially important for gamers or web developers who use their laptop for this purpose.

USB ports

Everything from your external hard drive to your smartphone, to your keyboard and mouse plugs into USB ports. These are usually much sought after in laptops and extra ports are always welcome.

External displays

A monitor for your laptop is a nice touch, especially if your laptop lacks the large, detailed displays of many high end gaming laptops. Even better is a docking station that can handle multiple monitors. Ideal for designers and coders, this option means that you can essentially set up a home studio powered entirely by your laptop.